„Gvinėjos papuasai apgailestavo, kad Lietuvoje nėra dramblių“

Kino operatorius Vladas Naudžius su Olandijos režisieriaus Sandero Blomo suburta kūrybine grupe Papua Naujojoje Gvinėjoje baigė filmuoti vaidybinę juostą „Ataraxia“.

‘History’s Future’: Rotterdam Review

The debut feature from visual artist Fiona Tan starts at the end, with a title card in a cinema signalling the closing credits. The lights come up to reveal a man comatose in his seat, then the audience saunters in, backwards – the film, and the music that accompanies it has been reversed. Tan, we quickly learn, has little use for the conventions of traditional narrative filmmaking.

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History’s future

A man with no memory casts off his helplessness and takes off on an odyssey through a tumultuous Europe. Fiction, symbolism and raw reality meet in an associative epic. The feature debut of Dutch visual artist Fiona Tan invites us to muse on our identity and place in the world.

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Irish Co-Production ‘History’s Future’ to Premiere at Rotterdam

“Back to your arms” to compete for Oscar…

Sweet Smoke of the Fatherland at the Dutch Film Festival

Sweet Smoke of the Fatherland is selected for the Golden Calf Competition at the Dutch Film Festival.

Screeningtimes: Thursday 27/9 at 22.00 hrs in ‘t Hoogt 1 and wednesday 3/10 at 15.00 hrs in Wolff City 3.

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Jos de Putter on How many roads + Dylan – Interview!

“It took me a long time to find the right cameraman and I was eventually glad to have Vladas Naudzius, a Lithuanian cameraman living in the Netherlands, who had already worked with me on Dans, Grozny, dans (The Damned and the Sacred). Because he shoots documentary like fiction. The result on The Damned and the Sacred was breathtaking, fantastic really. So I wanted to get the same feeling here, so as to get way from the immediacy of the documentary style.”

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Nick Drake died in 1974 at 26. But his brief life had a lasting and profound impact. It took a television commercial to rescue his music from cultdom and introduce it to an international audience.

In A Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick Drake, a haunting tribute to Drake and his music, his sister Gabrielle takes us through the Drake family history as director Jeroen Berkven’s camera meditates on the almost mystical landscapes of the English village of Tanworht-in-Arden where Drake was born and lived.

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"Talking pictures"

…excellent cameraman Vladas Naudzius